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Memories of Mother
This past Sunday, May 28, would have been my mother's 60th birthday. I can't believe she's been gone over 2 years, or that some of my kids won't know or remember her; the rest of us will never forget. In honor of my mother, Judy J., I'm posting some of my memories of her and some of her favorite things. Please, if you have a special memory of her, post it! I would love to read them! I may update this post as more things come to mind (new items in red!).

Some of Mother's favorite things:
  • Her grandkids! The picture on the right was made just shortly after Baby Doll was born. Mother was so ill (she passed away 6 months later), but made it to the hospital in the middle of the night (in full make-up, of course!) to see her new granddaughter. Once Mother had a conversation with a man in a store who told her that the first grandchild was like the Christmas tree, and all the others were like ornaments. She told him, "All of my grandchildren are Christmas trees!"
  • Her family, both immediate and extended, including her dog, Muffin (my youngest sister). She was as loyal as could be, and I have never seen a woman who was more crazy about her husband.
  • Her church. It was devestating to her to miss it when she was so ill. The last time she was at Bethany was for Princess's baptism. She used to bring her house shoes to annual meetings to wear in the afternoon between services trying to stay as comfortable as possible (which still wasn't very comfortable).
  • Old Mel Brooks and Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies, and quoting lines from them. She loved to say, "Not anymore!" with that crazy Inspector Cluseau accent, as in "That was a priceless Steinway!" - "Not anymore!"
  • Food crazes over the years: Little Debbie's, especially fancy cakes and Christmas trees; filet mignon; Nehi Peach soft drinks; boiled Dr. Pepper w/lemon; Peeps Easter chicks; Fruit Loops; strawberry Pop Tarts; hot, undercooked brownies with melted butter on top (now you see where I get my sweet tooth!)
  • Favorite sayings: "More can be bought," in response to things like, "Mommy, she cut my doll's hair!" or "Somebody ate my Snickers!"
  • Playing Taboo with the family.
  • Laughing. Mother had a great sense of humor and loved a good laugh!
  • The Atlanta Braves. Mother liked to keep her own scorebook, especially on important games, and she actually knew how to keep a good book.
  • Whenever we got together with friends or family, Daddy would play guitar and he and Mother would sing. This could last for hours, and these evenings are some of my fondest family memories.
  • Our softball team, the (Piles Piano Company) Blue Notes. I played; Daddy, his stepdad, my cousin, Blake, and our friend, Steve, coached; Mother kept score; Daddy and my granddad's business sponsored the team. It was a family affair, and we lived for ball season. Mother loved our silly softball cheers.
Mother was always known for telling it like it is! Sometimes I wish I were less diplomatic and more like her. You always knew where she stood, and she was a solid source of advice. She didn't have physical strength, but she certainly had strength of character. The photo on the left was made during a meeting at Bethany PBC in September of 2002. Mother is on the left, followed by Aunt Mayme, Aunt Linda, cousin Sarah, and Princess.

Don't forget to share your memories!



Blogger Carolyn Still said...

Oh, Dawn, where to begin? I loved your mother so very much! My greatest memory is when I was blessed to witness Sabra's birth and your mother was right there beside me. She was such a source of strength during the few years that I knew her (about 9). It pains my heart to think that at least a few of your kids will not remember her at all. She was such an incredible woman who fought the fight to stay alive like no one I've ever known. I miss her dearly! I love you! Carolyn

Blogger bettyboo said...

Stories of Judy, my, oh, my, could her sister Linda and I (her cousin) go on forever! Judy always was in the midst of whatever mischief we planned, but somehow when we were caught, she always came up looking innocent. What a knack she had for that! Once we were playing dolls in a car of Uncle Ray's and Judy knocked the emergency brake off. Judy and Linda scrambled out while the car was coasting down the hill. I, of course, the visiting cousin, managed to reach the brake with my foot and held on for dear life. There I was, discovered in the car and punished by all adults present -- I can still picture Judy over at the edge of the yard, holding her little baby doll and smiling innocently. There will never be another like her!

Anonymous Karen M. said...

Your mama and I clicked from the get-go. I really loved her and felt a bond there. The thing that stands out most in my thoughts is the laughter. She could make me laugh without even trying. Another thing that I remember is that her outfits were always beautifully coordinated. Judy Jacobs liked to look good. She and your daddy kept that twinkle in their eyes!! I know that you miss her more than words can tell. Do you think she and my daddy have talked about us??? Oh my. What a thought that is!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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