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Poole's Mill Park
Our family had an awesome adventure yesterday at Poole's Mill Park. While Sabra and I were quilting Friday with the Pattons and Shamblins, Mr. Patton and the two of the boys who were there escaped the quilting frenzy and went to Poole's Mill. I was told there were shoals and a sliding rock. The guys came back later and seemed to have a great time.
When our kids wanted to go to the pool yesterday, we told them that we were going to go check out Poole's Mill. If it didn't look fun, we would head back to the pool. We stayed 3 1/2 hours and everyone loved it!
The sliding rock was awesome! Here you can see Felicity sliding. The pool at the bottom was only about a foot deep, so it was like having a kiddie pool. The more adventurous and sure-footed ones could venture further out into the stream.
Lily Rose has been violently opposed to going in the swimming pool. I bought her a baby float and have tried to get her in the water on more than one occasion, but she doesn't want anything to do with it. I sat at the top of the sliding rock with her until she became accustomed to it. Next I put her hands in the water. Initially, she wasn’t thrilled, but I kept slowly working with her. She finally sat in the water. Bryan took her and said that he would have her swimming by the time he was finished. She did end up sitting in a shallow pool of water which even had a nice current. Maybe she won’t be afraid of the pool anymore. Picasa seems to be limiting me to four photos, so I'll send another post with more pictures. Doesn't my little Prince Charming look awfully handsome in that top photo? Posted by Picasa


Blogger Carolyn Still said...

What incredible pictures from your last few days! That park looks so wonderful. And Sabra's quilt beginnings are beautiful. Dawn, how do you have time for all that you do??

Blogger De'Etta said...

Mommy Dearest,

Just found your blog today. By way of introduction I'm a homeschooling mom of 9 (10 months - 21 years), married to a wonderful Air Force chaplain. {G}

First - wonderful pictures!!! This looks like so much fun. We don't feel safe from snakes in our current location and I miss swimmng in "the wild".

Next...this comment is for one some time back - but I thought you might not see it if I posted there.

This past fall our two oldest daughters left home (20 and 18). THEY wanted me to keep them up to date on the daily happenings back at home. Since we are Air Force and had just moved we had friends and family requesting the same thing. I'd just had a baby and was overwhelmed with the daily list of emails...thus a blog was born.

I've discovered that it is GREAT for a journal I always meant to keep and was to busy to do. The family begs me to do this....I compose in Word (adding pictures etc) - then I copy and paste to the create feature at blogger.com. This way I have an almost daily record on my hard drive of what we are up to. I add personal comments that I may not want to share on the blog and extra pictures as well to the Word Journal. As the children ask for it, I'll be able to print out a copy for them....

And if blogger goes away - the habit of blogging is now firmly fixed in our schedule and I'll do it on Word and still have it. {G}


Blogger amber said...

Great pictures! And your bathing suit looks great!

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