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Baby Basics Blog
I am really excited about a new blog I started for the purpose of collecting and categorizing information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and beyond. It is called Baby Basics, and it is located at http://babybasics.wordpress.com/. It's mostly something I'm doing for my own benefit, but the more info I add to it, the more I realize there's already a lot of valuable and helpful information there. If you find any good articles which would be applicable for the site, please shoot me a link; also, feel free to refer any pregnant or nursing friends. Posted by Picasa


Blogger trina said...

I'm really glad you started your new blog. It already has a lot of information. I'm really excited to have all of this information "at my fingertips". I don't need most of it yet, but I still enjoy learning about it.

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