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*UPDATED* Our new puppy...

It was bad enough when she would merely stand by the dog crate, opening and shutting the gate, but now she actually CRAWLS INSIDE!

*Update* - Sabra ran in this evening carrying Lily and screaming, "She's eating dog food!" I swept my finger through her mouth multiple times to get it out (yuck!). Sabra was completely grossed out, too. Lily looked a little surprised at the initial gag reflex, but didn't seem to mind the dog food itself. What am I gonna do with this girl?Posted by Picasa



Blogger Amber said...


Blogger Brenda said...

Maybe get her a flea collar? Or a really cool chew toy. How cute! My youngest would have rather been a puppy, too. Except for the whole eating-dog-food thing.

Blogger Crew Mom said...

What a funny way to start my morning...she is a hoot!!! Sydnay asked if she liked the food when I told her what she did! How funny!

Blogger Gail said...

This is perfectly normal behavior ... I did the same things and look how I turned out .. O.K. Bad example. Never mind.

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