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Things I Learned Today
Here are some things I either learned or rediscovered today:
  • A foot which has been in a cast for three weeks, even a two year old foot, has some serious foot odor.
  • My four-year-old, Clayton, at times displays masterful comedic timing; his only problem is that when he discovers a line that gets a laugh, he tends to overuse it. Today's one liner was: "This calls for celery!" Apparently this is from a cartoon he watches sometimes, Wonder Pets.
  • It is great fun to cruise down the highway belting out Earth, Wind, & Fire's Greatest Hits in falsetto, while grooving in your seat. Expect strange looks and comments from your kids, though.
  • If they accidentally give you one more Frosty at Wendy's than you ordered (even if you do actually pay for it), it isn't in your best interests to eat two of them.
  • Wendy's now has vanilla Frosties, too.
  • At least two of my kids pronounce vanilla as "banilla."



Anonymous Kathy said...

Hi Dawn,
Something I learned today... you have eight children. Did I read that correctly? It's certainly rare to have so many children these days. How wonderful!

I was a child of nine, so I have a soft spot in my heart for big families.

I'll be checking in often.

Blogger Melissa Mae said...

sorry. . .should've warned you about the "foot odor after cast" phenomenon! Wendy's has a vanilla frosty?

Blogger Gail said...

Too funny! You always crack me up with your very twisted outlook on life! That must be why I like you so much .... (lol)

Love ya!

Blogger R.G. said...

Hello Dawn,
Wonderful post! I'm familiar with the funny looks from my kids and people in other cars when I drive down the street singing... John Denver! Okay, you'll have to forgive me for that, I live in Colorado and I just love those mountain tunes.

Wonderful blog! I've bookmarked you...


Anonymous Dawn P said...

I was just thinking of you T13 post and wanted to see how things were. Glad to here the cast is off.

Hope all is well!

Blogger RkBall said...

At least two of my kids pronounce vanilla as "banilla."

This is "normal" -- as long as they also say "vananna" for banana.

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