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WFMW Corona Ointment

I want to tell you about a fabulous first aid product that our family has used for several years: Corona Ointment. If you look at the picture above, you may notice that the Corona ad has a horse, as opposed to say, a child. That's because Corona is marketed for horses, animals, small cattle, and pets. I know I have compared Lily to a dog, and I stick by that - she has carried a leash around for most of the day and we've had to take the jar of dog treats away from her - but this is a great product for cuts, burns, and to prevent scarring on people, too.

Years ago, one of our boys had a facial injury and I was concerned about scarring. A doctor in Texas told me (via email) to try Corona. It contains 50% pharmaceutical grade lanolin, plus antiseptics commonly used in human skin care products. The lanolin keeps the injury moist (it slowly melts into the skin), helps it to heal, and prevents the drying and pulling that contribute to scarring. Corona is great for burn treatment. It also works really well for severly chapped hands in the winter; just coat your hands and knuckles at bedtime, and they'll be better in the morning.

My husband and my oldest son were in the doctor's office last week. When she was telling them that they would need to get a particular ointment, my husband and son both said, "Corona?" She was surprised that they were familiar with it. Both doctors who have recommended it to us have land and horses of their own. Maybe they discovered, from experience, that it works well for people, too. You will probably have to go to a feed or equestrian supply store to find Corona.

Corona Ointment works for me! For other great Works-for-Me Wednesday ideas, go visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. Posted by Picasa



Blogger Barb said...

I'd never even heard of it. So thanks for the tip. Sounds like something we should get and have handy instead of waiting until we actually need it.

Anonymous Homeschool Mama said...

It's also the only thing that ever helped when my kids had severe diaper rash. I would put it on at night and it would be almost completely healed by morning.
I got it at a feed store and I only had to buy one tube for the last two kids I had. For $7 it was worth it.

Blogger Malissa said...

my mom used that for diaper rash!;0

You forgot to say it's pretty smelly and very sticky! I have memories of trying to get that off my hands after changing the baby;)

Works awesome though.

Blogger Gail said...

O.K. ... something weird I learned during gymnastics ... If you put Preparation H on a blister (before it pops) you can have a callus by morning. Icky, but true ... as attested by many many blisters from bars during the dark ages before hand grips. (Learned it from a tennis player who always had blisters while breaking in new shoes).

Blogger Melanie said...

great tip! Thanks!

Blogger Kristen said...

Hmmm... never heard of it, but something I might have to give a try! :-)

Thanks for commenting on my 125th post! I reached my goal! I hope you'll come back and visit again sometime soon! ;-)

Anonymous buffata said...

My pharmacist recomended this to me for my baby, I was a little scared to try it at first, but when her rash was so bad it was starting to bleed, I tried it. By morning she was all but healed. I'm so glad that other people have been using this, it makes me feel a lot better.

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