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September Birthdays
Since starting school last week, I've gotten behind on lots of other things, including updating the blog. I had two children with birthdays last week, and I would certainly hate for them to look at this blog one day and see that their Mommy had missed their birthdays (especially after blogging about the other two kids' birthdays that we've had since starting this in May).

Clayton turned five last week - FIVE! Here he is with his monkey, and below with part of the Diego toys he picked out for his birthday.

Felicity had a busy week last week, too. Not only did she turn three, but also she started potty-training (yes, I put it off as long as possible)and went to our church Labor Day picnic, where she loved playing on the waterslide.

Clayton and Felicity love getting to watch a recorded episode of Wonder Pets while their brothers and sisters are starting their school days in the morning.



Blogger amber said...

Happy birthday Clayton and Felicity! Wonderpets is a favorite at our house also. I don't get it. It kinda drives me nuts because I get that stinkin' song stuck in my head all day afterwards.

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