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My lucky day!
A few months ago I found out that Harry was coming to town and that tickets were going on sale that weekend. My husband works with a guy with ticket connections, so I asked him to please beg for some tickets, especially since the concert is so close to our birthdays (mine and my husband's are five days apart). You may ask why I didn't just buy them right away for myself, and I would tell you that mothers of eight are extremely frugal and don't go around buying concert tickets, especially when they discover that ticket prices have increased since the early 80's.

Three months have gone by, and no tickets. My husband's friend assured us that there is always a block of about 60 really good seats which are reserved for the performer's use, and that any unused tickets are released at the last minute. I have bookmarked the ticketmaster page for this concert and check it daily, crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer that two of those golden tickets would be ours.

Well, today is my lucky day! While sitting here in the parking lot during my kids' chorus classes, "borrowing" the unsecured wireless signal from the local vet hospital, I made my daily check and lo and behold THERE WERE MY TICKETS--in the orchestra section (the best seats) no less! We are now the proud owners of two tickets to hear one of my favorite singers ever and to top it all off, the concert is next week! WOO HOO!



Blogger No Cool Story said...

Awesome! YAY!!!
Congrats :D

Blogger Barb said...

And you're going to take photos, right? You surely are. Wow. Such good seats. Lucky you!

Blogger Jolie said...

Yay, Dawn! My brother got tickets for me way back when he was touring for "Red Light/Blue Light"--amazing. It was so much fun. Love that Harry! Can't wait to hear about it.


Blogger Mama Lily said...

Congratulations! How fun. I know you'll have a great time. Love the new spring blog look. You do a fabulous job!!

Blogger mommy to four j's said...

Have fun and enjoy your birthdays

Blogger Laurel Wreath said...

Do you see that I just turned green! I am jealous. Have a great time.

Blogger Belle-ah said...

OH WOW! WhoooHOOOO, doing the happy dance with you!!!! Enjoy.

Blogger Vader's Mom said...

Oh, so NOT fair. I saw Harry once before and he is amazing. Wait...amazing doesn't even begin to describe his concerts. He's not headed out this way and it's a real bummer. Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

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