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Blast from the Past
This is a neat meme that has been going around. Here's the deal: pull four posts from your archives which fit the following categories. I have some new blogging friends, so I thought I would link to some older posts:

My Classy Kids. The title says it all.

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling. Straight talk for parents.

Ikea Adventure. Adventures in motherhood, IKEA-style.

All About Me:
Take your pick: 100 Things or New Year's Meditations.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to play!

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Blogger No Cool Story said...

WOW!, you have been homeschooling for 14 years? That is pretty awesome :D Homeschooling takes a lot of patience and work, way to go.
Your Ikea post is hilarious!! I LOVED it :D, BWAHAHAHA then you took the wrong bookcase back, oh man, that was so funny...err, sorry.

#46 on your 100 things about you list is "We tasted our cats' food and let them lick our popsicles".
316 is your lucky number? hmmm.

Blogger Elle said...

I loved these Mommy Dearest! Thanks for the links. I'll be back for more.

Blogger Carol said...

Now I know why I've never been to an Ikea store. God has protected me from the need for a straight jacket.

Blogger Barb said...

I love this meme. What a great way to direct people to some of our archives.

You are a homeschooling machine, Dawn! I'm impressed. :-)

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