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Happy (belated) Birthday, baby!
I almost did something that I haven't done since starting this blog: miss a child's birthday. Although at an interesting age (remember, he inspired this post?) he's a super-sweet and helpful son. Somehow, I even talked him into sitting in my lap during prayers tonight, even though the child weighs 80-something pounds. It's nice to humor the old mom every once in a while.

Happy 12th, baby!
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Blogger Laurel Wreath said...

Happy Birthday, I have a 12 yr old son. But next month he will be an official teenager. Your last year before becoming a teenager, enjoy it!!

Great smile.

Blogger Mama Lily said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who still calls her children Baby! I have 3 bigger than me now (yes, my daughter has long passed me up!) and I call all of them baby! Happy birthday to your son.

thanks for your sweet comments on my story!


Anonymous Randi said...

Happy birthday to your handsome young man!

Blogger momrn2 said...

Happy Birthday to your dear boy!

Blogger Crew Mom said...

This son of your will always be extra special to me...he was the first of your children I got to "know"...those days of playing baseball with him in the corridor of our apartment when Tate was my only child, and you just had 4...those days will always be rememebered...and our friendship, 7 children later!!!!!

Blogger No Cool Story said...

Late, late but still
HAPPY BDAY!! 12 is a great age, congrats Mommy Dearest.

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