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Magic Eraser burns
I just read this post which I linked from Large Family Logistics. I think the story is worth reading, if you're like me and swear by Magic Erasers (and knock-offs of them). I'm still going to use them, but I'll be more careful with the kids. I showed them the picture and talked to them about this; hopefully I didn't give anyone any ideas. I just felt like I should pass this along...


Blogger No Cool Story said...

I love my magic eraser.
I had no idea, thank for posting and liking that, definitely worth sharing.
Scary stuff, it just looks so innocent, just don’t use it on the skin and keep it away from children.

Blogger Crew Mom said...

thanks, girl..I use these,too. WHo would've thought?

Blogger Melanie said...

I saw this last week and sent a link to her post to my mom friends via email. I use these all the time.

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