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Oh, happy day!

Last Sunday, our precious little Clayton went forward and joined the church. He talked to us about joining a few months ago, but never did. The night before he joined, he started talking about it again. I asked him all the things I knew our pastor would ask, and was satisfied with his answers. I told him that if he was really serious, there would be water ready and he could bring extra clothes (three girls joined after our meeting the previous weekend, and they were to be baptized).

In the morning he was still talking about it and brought the clothes to church. After services, he started down the aisle. Our three-year-old daughter saw him go, took off after him, passed him and jumped into our pastor's arms. I think she thought she was getting a head start on the handshake! My husband got her, and then Clayton talked to our pastor and expressed his desire to join the church; he was received unanimously. There were four children baptized on this special day. Don't they look happy?

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Blogger No Cool Story said...

Awww, congratulations!
Best and most inportant decision EVER.

Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

Very, very sweet. I love how spiritual things touch little children's hearts and they just KNOW what they want to do.

Blogger Doris said...

Oh I was so happy when I clicked and saw you had blogged about this!

What sweet faces...you can see the joy in each. :)

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