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Navbars: the new black
I have blocked the blogger navigation bar at the top of my template for quite some time, for aesthetic reasons. I realize, however, that I use it on other people's blogs to find old posts of theirs that I want to reread or reference. Tonight I realized that I needed it to find something on my own blog (I know, the mind is the first to go), so I put it back. It's a nice blue, so it blends with the new look.

Do you use the navbars? And are they really such an eyesore (lots of people hide them)?



Blogger Gail said...

LOVE the new holiday background! I tend to use blue and white snowflakes for much of my design around the holidays rather than the traditional red and green.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use navbars on mine and yes they are a bit of an eye sore but I've actually grown used to them and don't even notice it anymore, plus like you said, they really are very handy :)

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