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Who's your browser?
(WARNING: It is entirely possible that this post will put you to sleep. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

As I plow through my web development book, I am constantly reminded to test my pages in a web browser, more importantly, in multiple browsers. As I am reminded:
Every browser has differences in the way it displays Web pages, and although some of these discrepancies are slight, the differences can sometimes be significant. You might notice differences, even between different versions of the same browser.
Some people use whatever browser is available, and some are passionate about their personal favorite. Personally, I'm a bit of a Mozilla Firefox snob (you've gotta love that cute little fox), so much so that I was appalled in September when I realized that my blog didn't display very well in Internet Explorer. I rarely use it, so I hadn't noticed. I went in and tweaked the template a little until I was satisfied. Conversely, when I was trying to find information about our county fair on the city's website, I found that the pages about the fair were a jumble of code. On a whim, I tested the pages and found that they worked in Internet Explorer (shouldn't they have caught that one instead of me?).

I confess to having no experience or opinion concerning Opera or Safari.

Even if this is a meaningless discussion for you, please be a sport and let me know what browser you use:

What is your primary web browser?
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

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Blogger Doris said...


Blogger Barb said...

Done here, too. Internet Explorer, but only because most of what you just said is Greek to me. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Internet Explorer here also...and you didn't bore me at all. In fact, I have asked Jay to get me some books on HTML/etc for Christmas. Any suggestions?

~~Amber (didn't sign in before I wrote all of that)

Anonymous Connie said...

No IE here except for dh. I am currently using Firefox and like it quite well. My favorite though is Opera - I love the built in email program. I switched a few weeks ago because too many sites didn't allow me to use Opera. I am thinking of going back. I highly recommend it.

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