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New Holiday Look!
I've been itching to play with my template ever since I finished Doris's, but I just hadn't found the look I was after. I wore a powder blue sweater yesterday that had been my mother's. For some reason that sweater particularly inspired me, and I've worked around that color theme. How do you like it?



Blogger Doris said...

I love your new look, both template and picture of you! :)

Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

LOVE it! Powder blue is so lush and crisp, and everything wonderful about the season - very nice!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the new look, it's just perfect for the holidays and the blue is just beautiful :)

Great job :)

Blogger Melanie said...

Great! I love the blue. I have really come to like this color for Christmas decorating. I can't have snow, so the next best thing is the fake snow look. :>)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it! Great job once again!

Blogger No Cool Story said...

SO pretty :)
I have a pair of PJs with this color scheme...I should put them on right now :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it! Makes me think of snow. :o)

Blogger Barb said...

I love it! And I also really like the new profile photo. Very soft, just like the new look of your whole design. This is lovely.

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