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and the suspense builds...
Once while visiting Code Yellow Mom, I noticed a blog called "More Cowbell" just above my link in her "Meet the Faves" section. Somehow, I had never seen or heard of the "more cowbell" SNL skit until Gail posted the video on her blog a couple of months ago. Since then I have seen it referenced more than once (and wonder what I've missed all these years). Obviously it's a matter of cultural literacy; not the first one that's sailed past me. [Speaking of which, I just discovered that The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is available online!] But I digress...

Since I'm now in-the-know on the "more cowbell" thing, I expected the blogger, No Cool Story, would have a good sense of humor. I wasn't disappointed. I made occasional pitstops, linking off of Code Yellow Mom, and always had a good laugh. This week I added More Cowbell to my bloglines and started commenting and reading more.

From the very beginning I found Super Happy Girl strangely compelling. My kids, however, are completely fascinated with her. When I discovered No Cool Story posted a contest last week with the winner receiving a one-of-a-kind Super Happy Girl graphic, my kids decided that we have to win. Must have Super Happy Girl with the rolled penny hair! My 11-year-old son filled a 100 CD holder with pennies and counted them while we did school Tuesday. He would accept no help whatsoever, and even wanted me to set him up a blogger ID so he could go in and post a second vote, further boosting his our chances of winning. [Gee, I wonder where he got that competitive spirit? From me (see #30)? Nah. Never. And notice I didn't tell you about it until the deadline was almost past?]

My kids are obsessed with this contest and waiting with bated breath for the winner to be announced. Super Happy Girl has become table talk. Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings...

[10 - count 'em - 10 links in this post!]



Blogger Melanie said...

My husband told me about "more cowbell" and then found the skit for me online. Since then, we use that phrase. I hadn't watched SNL for so long, I was out of the loop. He had heard it at work. So, don't feel bad. :>) I think it's a mom thing.

Blogger Doris said...

Good luck to you all! And yeah that was very sly not mentioning the contest earlier. Haha

Blogger Gail said...

You are indeed the link queen!

There are actually whole sites dedicated to cow bell songs. My kids listen intently (mostly to music from the 80's) for even remnants of cow bells.

And now they know who Blue Oyster Cult is ... I didn't even like BOC when I was younger!

Blogger No Cool Story said...

:D This is way to cute. Your son is one smart guy.

Thanks for your Super Happy Girl support, she needs it.

Hey, I linked to you through NCS - love your beautiful winter motif!

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