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Happy Birthday, Honey!
Hubby Dearest celebrates the big 40 today! I am one year and five days older than he is, and this is the first year in... well, the first year ever that he hasn't rubbed in our age difference for the entire five days. He put a new pump/motor in my washing machine last night (we haven't been able to do laundry since last Wednesday) so this is a happy day for everyone! Bun, we have dinner reservations for 6:00. If you have trouble finding me, I may be passed out from exhaustion in the laundry room floor. I love you!
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Blogger amber said...

HA! It's my husband's birthday too! :) Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

Anonymous denice said...

What an incredibly cute couple! Been lurking for some time now... I thoroughly enjoy your blog. :)

From Denice, expecting #8

Blogger Doris said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you two have a wonderful dinner.

Blogger Trina said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy dinner. (and laundry) That is a really good picture of the two of you.


Blogger Crew Mom said...

Have a great one! We're headed out for dinner, too! SOme pretty great people were born today---wink, wink!!!!

Blogger Brenda said...

Happy Birthday! You two are so cute together.

Blogger momrn2 said...

What a lovely picture of both of you!

Happy Birthday to him and happy laundry day to you. :-)

Blogger Melanie said...

What a lovely photo of the two of you! Happy Day!

Blogger No Cool Story said...

Congrats!! happy Birthay Mr. Dearest. I agree, you are so cute together.

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