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Feeling Foolish
Have you ever posted a comment on a blogger blog and needed to go back and view the post, so you copied your comment so that you wouldn't lose it and then hit the back button, reread the post and then hit the forward button, pasted your comment back in the comment box, and then happened to notice on the comments page that underneath the title of the post it says "Show Original Post," which displays the post on the comments page, making you realize that you have performed a completely unnecessary and time-wasting cutting and pasting ritual hundreds of times?

Nope, me neither.



Blogger Brenda said...

Maybe I'm the only one, but I do that all the time. ;o) And yes, I was aware that "Show Original Post" means what it says. Except that photos don't show up.

That's why, on my blog settings, I checked "yes" to show comments in a popup window. :o)

Blogger Crystal said...

Nope, but I've made some pretty embarrassing grammatical errors before, and didn't catch them until it was too late. :o)

Thanks for entering the jewelry contest on my blog... the 2nd one has been posted. The winners for both should be announced next week! :)

Blogger No Cool Story said...

:) No.
BUT the other day I copied-pasted the "before fixing all errors” comment along with the "fixed and perfected" comment. And there was no way to erase it. So embarrassing.

Blogger Barb said...

Well, for pete's sake. I do that all the time. Who knew? No I feel as foolish as you would if you'd ever done this, which of course, you clearly stated you hadn't. LOL

Blogger Chrystal said...

Party hopping...Nice to meet you!

Blogger Esther said...

Hey I like your blog. I found you thru the Party ;o)

We have (only) three kids. We lost our 4th child last year. ;o(
We are in the process of adopting two children currently. I share about this on my blog.

Best wishes

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