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Sweet 16
Henceforth, my fifteen-year-old son will be referred to as my sixteen-year-old son. We had so many things to do on his birthday Thursday--last day of homeschool co-op, chorus classes, baseball game--but I always take the kids out to eat on their birthday. We were so busy getting the other kids taken care of after co-op that he forgot and ate two hotdogs, so all he got was a birthday ice cream cone. I owe you a lunch, Stack!

Isn't he cute?
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Blogger momrn2 said...

They grow so fast don't they? A Happy Birthday to your son!

We, too, have some IOU's when it comes to birthday's. Our son turned 11 on Feb. 24 and we're still trying to find a day to actually celebrate. We did the lunch thing but nothing else yet...Poor guy...

Blogger Belle-ah said...

Oh my, he is very handsome and I imgine 16 is one of those really meloncoly birthday milestones for a Mom...filled with joy at their accomplishments and a bit sad at the passing of time so quickly. I hope he has a blessed 16th year! Happy Birthday.

Blogger Doris said...

Happy Birthday! He is indeed cute.

Blogger Dawn said...

He IS cute. Very sweet looking young man. Where does he fit in the birth order?

Blogger No Cool Story said...

You are just full of birthdays lately.
He is very cute and handsome, Happy Birthday Mr. Sweet 16!

Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

He is #2 in the birth order!

Blogger queen shenaynay said...

dawn... how can this be?


he's quite handsome, but then, all your kids are beautiful!

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