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"I write the songs that make the hoodlums scream..."
This post is in honor of my sister, Jamie, who has always been a huge Barry Manilow fan. When she was a kid, there were people who thought she looked kind of like him (which she did not appreciate, in spite of her love for his music) and they would say, "You look like Mandy!" This didn't really make sense, since "Mandy" was the title of one of his songs and not his name, but we are talking about comments made by people who would traumatize a child by implying she looked like Barry Manilow in the first place.

I know that Jamie will love this story, which I found linked on Rocks in My Dryer. I'm considering adding the word "daggy" to my vocabulary, but I think it could have negative consequences in a house full of kids. I would love to witness this new crime-fighting strategy in action!



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