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I hang with a tough crowd
I almost never cook breakfast. The only times I do are when I prepare something at night to cook in the morning; the problem is that in the evening I forget to plan ahead. Today I found the following hand-scrawled message on the refrigerator:

Make Dutch Puff
or Die
MW hahahaha
love, christian

I'm still not sure what the MW means, but I think the child wants a Dutch Puff.



Blogger Crew Mom said...

your guys...you know, your children are going to be amazing adults! They have been given such independent spirits that allow them to do remarkable things. That Christian! How funny...he is such a cutie...glad he has his shoes now! heehee

Blogger Brenda said...

Oh that's funny.

I think the MW is part of the evil laugh. When my little brother tried to do the evil laugh it came out like "moohoohahaha"

Blogger amber said...

That is hilarious! I guess he really wants that dutch puff.

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