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Fanta Orange
I've dedicated this post to Fanta Orange, which is running down the faces of my girls in these pictures from our day in the mountains yesterday. Coca-Cola probably doesn't produce Fanta commercials which show the sheer glee radiated by my girls in these photos! Aren't they cute?

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Hi, just found your blog searching through Blogger...It's beautiful. I see you have a daughter (amongst others) named Lily. Me too. I love that name. I love those Fanta pictures too. They are so summery and sweet.

Just wanted to let you know I was here...I hate when people visit my blog and lurk. Drives me nuts.

Have a wonderful day...I think I'll read more of your blog now!

Blogger trina said...

I also LOVE Fanta Orange! Your girls are so sweet! I didn't get to visit much at church on Sunday. Hopefully things will slow down soon so we can have dinner again!

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