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The Word Association Meme
I have come to realize that a meme is usually for the author, not the audience. For this tiny meme, I have recalled fond memories of my mother, my grandparents, and a comedian (he doesn't really count), all deceased. I have resisted jumping on this word association meme bandwagon, mostly because I hadn't seen words that tickled my fancy, but I liked these that Melanie posted:

1. Biscuit - This reminds me of the school year (in jr. high?) when every day after school my grandmother fixed a big pie plate of biscuits for me and my granddad, which we ate dripping in sorghum and butter. I always wanted the biscuit in the middle, without any darker cooked "edges." I always cook biscuits on stoneware where none are against an edge, so that I don't have to fight my kids for the middle biscuit (and give away my secret that in some ways I am possibly more childish than they are).

2. Crayon - This makes me think of my and my mother's particular fondness for school supplies, especially a fresh box of crayons. When I'm trying to describe something to my husband and I comment that it is periwinkle, or maize, or - well, you get the picture - and he looks at me with that bewildered look, I say, "Didn't you have the 64 box of Crayola Crayons?"

3. Warmth - crawling between flannel sheets on a cold night.

4. Flip - This one has stumped me. The two things coming to mind are Flip Wilson and the flip I try to achieve with my hair.

Here are four new words for anyone who wants to play:




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Blogger trina said...

That was neat.I'm going to try to link to you and use your words for the Word Association Meme. Those were good words!

Blogger Melanie said...

Might happy to help! :>)
Goodness, yes- sorghum and biscuits. One thing I taught my daughter at the high chair- how to sop her biscuit. And I used to like the middle biscuit too! My mom still has the old green aluminum pan she cooks them in. (I have been threatened to never throw it out after her death). I cook my biscuits the same way you do- no crusty edges. I also like cold butter and homemade strawberry preserves.

Blogger Barb said...

Those biscuits sound wonderful. What great memories I have of them. And the 64-crayon box remark cracked me up, as did remembering Flip Wilson. As I recall, he played one character with blonde hair in a flip!

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