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Modesty Doesn't Become Him
I was in our bedroom last night, surrounded by wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and yarn, listening to my old albums on that fabulous new record player my daddy gave me for Christmas. The album de jour was the J. Geils Band Freeze Frame. [For the record (pun intended), if this album was not an important part of your 80s experience, then you simply didn't inhabit the same 80s that I did.] I flipped to side 2, which started with "Flamethrower," and I immediately remembered performing a drill team routine to it in the 11th grade. If you were a member of a drill team or cheerleading squad, you have probably experienced the phenomenon which happened to me: although that was over half my lifetime ago, I remembered some of the basic moves of the routine, and began performing them in a manner which would have caused much pain to my former drill team sponsor.

At this point, Hubby Dearest comments, "I remember watching you performing to this song at a basketball game. Didn't I tell you about that?" [We attended rival high schools and didn't meet until May of my senior year. The performance in question would have occurred during the winter of my junior year.]

"Yes, but I thought you must have been mistaken."

"You were on the left hand side, right?"

"My left or your left?"


After a little more discussion, I realized that as amazing as it sounded, he had in fact been watching me. One of his best friends had been with him and had been watching another one of the girls, whom he remembered by name.

"Except he didn't marry her," he said.

And then with a look of what can only be described as smug male pride, nodded and said, "I guess we know who the better man was," and managed to make me feel like he still thinks I'm a catch.



Blogger Crew Mom said...

You had to wonder about that one? I see it in your hubby's eyes every time he looks at you...its something I've always loved about him...

Blogger Doris said...

I'm sure with all that I am, he KNOWS what a good catch he got.

Blogger Shane said...

The J. Giles Band? Yep..I rocked out to them in the 80's too. Isn't that just the best music ever? I feel bad for today's kids, they just don't have the same calibur of music.

Blogger Kristine Filegirl said...

What an awesome story!! That is very romantic that he was watching you out of everyone - and remembers. :)

Blogger Melanie said...

That is the sweetest story.

And I do know what you mean about hearing a song and starting the routine. It shows me that I could be teaching my child math and science to music- but then we would have to play Kelly Clarkston or Cheetah Girls anytime she needed to do her addition and subtraction...

Blogger Barb said...

How sweet. And I'm sure you ARE still a catch.

I actually met my husband because I dated his cousin for a number of years (on and off). He claims he "knew from day one" he was going to marry me...with the same smug look! Men, I tell ya! Thank God for them and their goofy ways!

Blogger No Cool Story said...

AWWWW :D what a great story.
How romantic!
And I just love Crew Mom's comment.

Thanks for sharing that.

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