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supper cool sweet awesome bathtubs
Just what does that mean, you might ask. So might I. Please note it is "supper cool" and not "super cool" sweet awesome bathtubs we're talking about here.


My sitemeter tells me that someone linked to my blog today under those search terms, and amazingly enough, it appears that I do come in #7 on a Google search of those interesting terms.

Now this is why I have a sitemeter: the entertainment factor. And yeah, my bathtub is pretty supper cool.



Blogger No Cool Story said...

That's Supper Cool!
I just checked mine, nothign inteersting.
So you still have the supper cool sweet awesome bathtubs. I wonder what they were looking for, interesting.

Blogger Laurel Wreath said...

That is funny!!

Anonymous Jenny said...

I love my site meter for that reason!! : )

Blogger Shane said...

Too funny! Isn't site meter a hoot? Glad you're #7....you must be so proud! :)

Blogger momrn2 said...

Some of the searches completely boggle my mind! They are too funny! Once someone was looking for "turnip cappacinno" and it lead them to me. Go figure?!

Blogger Barb said...

And this is exactly why I DON'T have sitemeter. Because, really, it just kept me hopelessly confused. I really don't need to be any more confused than I normally am. This is too funny.

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