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Life Imitates Art, or vice versa, part 2
I posted this earlier, then looked later and blogger had eaten the pictures. If they are missing when you read this, I'll go back and fix it later!

I think maybe this is a sequel to this post, but in reverse.

Lily and I reenacted one of her favorite rituals yesterday: she empties her clothes out of the bottom drawer of my wardrobe, and I catch her then fold and put them away. While folding one particular outfit, the one she is pictured in below, I saw an amazing thing:

Do you see it?

Here, look a little closer (click to enlarge):

It's my template, right down to the snowflake! Was I subliminally inspired by this outfit? Beats the heck out of me!

In this shot you can see why her eyes and nose are red in the first two pictures: I had taken her little flashlight to get a shot of the shirt, but I couldn't bear her tears.

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Blogger Barb said...

Oh, she's NOT happy in that last photo. I stuck Cameron in his papa's cowboy boots yesterday. Of course they come up to his diaper and he was trapped. He was so unhappy about that, I'm too ashamed of myself to even post the photo I took.

I did discover that if I need him to stay in one spot all I have to do is stick him in papa's boots. He truly can't move! :-)

Blogger amber said...

Now, that is cute! Subliminal clothing?

Blogger Shane said...

Yep, I knew where you were going with this post the minute I saw the first picture. It's a dead on ringer. Well, love the outfit and the template. Can't wait to see what her spring wardrobe inspires you to create!

Blogger momrn2 said...

Now that is something...

Blogger Melanie said...

Reminds me of Capt. Kirk in slow motion. I have been up too long today...

Blogger Laurel Wreath said...

That is too funny. Adorable pictures , the last one says you better watch out when I am a teen =))

Blogger No Cool Story said...

I'm sorry, but Lily's last picture is just soooo cute! Did you explain to her it was for the blog?

Her oufit totally matches your template. That's pretty good.

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