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Update: All of the bloglines errors are gone today! I think Milehimama was probably right (in comments) about it being caused by blogger maintenance. I was gone all day and didn't realize there was maintenance yesterday. I'm leaving this up in case it helps anyone in the future with a site feed error. They seem to happen all the time.

Dear friends,

I went to check my bloglines tonight and found that not one, not two, not three, but EIGHTEEN of the fifty-one blogs I subscribe to are showing feed errors through Bloglines. I posted about this in November when it happened to me. Usually, if I see one of my friendly bloggers with a feed error I email them and tell them about it. Since emailing eighteen of you seems a little labor intensive at the moment, I'm hoping this will help. Just email them and ask them to reset your feed.

Blessed blogging!

p.s. - To find out if you have a site feed error, subscribe to your own blog, and look for a red [!] by your name, both on the list to the left and in the upper right corner next to "edit subscription" when you click on your individual listing. A site feed error means that bloglines will not show subscribers that you have posted anything new (even if you have). Hopefully this is a freaky bloglines thing and will resolve itself.



Blogger momrn2 said...

I wondered what the red exclamation mark meant next to them. Wow.. .learn something new every day! Thanks!

Now I'm off to check out mine!

Blogger Milehimama said...

Blogger was down for maintenance yesterday, so the feed errors might have been because they were blogspot blogs. Mine are all fixed today!
I subscribed to my own feed, but that's so I can see how many people subscribe - I guess I'm an affirmation junkie.

Mama Says

Blogger lrlwreath said...

I saw that also, but it seems fine today.

Blogger cityfarmer said...

I think it's all better now...it might be a.....never mind.

Blogger Barb said...

Almost every time I see those red exclamation marks, it's when blogger has been acting up. These last couple of days have definitely been a challenge. It's nerve wracking to be over 200 posts behind in my reading, finally find an hour to come in here and read and blogger won't let me comment in about half the cases. I wonder if they will ever, ever get this mess permanently fixed.

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