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an open letter to the Bloglines plumber
Mr. Bloglines plumber, what have I done to offend you? Why did you quit, apparently as of last Thursday, updating my feed? What do you mean my feed does not appear to exist? You don't think I did anything with it, do you? And why did you not make a personal appearance, but just insidiously keep my fellow bloggers from knowing about my new posts? Not well done, Mr. Plumber.

Oh, Mr. Plumber! Your minions at Bloglines Customer Service have just emailed me to say that they have reset my feed! I am going to trust your dedication to fix my problem and take a moment to say to my bloglines friends - welcome back! I've missed you!

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Blogger No Cool Story said...

I'm so not happy with them, even if they apologize. Even if they have a cool graphic to apologize.
I have switched to a new news aggregator; I let you know how it's working out.

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