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SAT essay tips
There is a very informative post on Jeannie Fulbright's blog about the way the new essay portion of the SAT is graded. This is a must-read for any student who will be faced by the most frightening and random thing to hit standardized testing since - well, I don't know - but I would be quite worried about it if I were in high school. It's also interesting to get a little insight into what it's like for the graders.

*Update*: Here is a follow-up post with more tips.



Blogger Barb said...

Boy, I hope this works. Blogger won't let me get a comment through on your blog. I've read your last six posts which bloglines never told me had even happened. Errgghhh.

I love the girls' room. My goodness, it's so big and bright and cheery. Lilly's crib is adorable. She's going to love being in the big girl room.

And can I just say the way you went on about how people from different places say the same things differently just completely cracked me up. I only know one way to say Ponce de Leon and I wonder if it's right. :-)

Your dinner party recipe exchange sounds like a huge success. How fun!

Anonymous Jolie said...

Hey Dawn,

I don't know if you've heard of Classical Conversations(classicalconversations.org), but it's a group we're involved with this year. Anyhow, CC is offering a whole course on how to write the essay portion for the SAT. I personally think writing an essay would be the best...I could always squeak out a pretty decent essay when needed. It might be worth passing on the info to any of your friends who have children that need the prep. It's not limited to CC students, and it's a 1-day course. Just go to the website for information.


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