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The following took place today while working on chemistry with my fifteen-year-old son:

Three-year-old daughter, pointing in toy catalog: I'm getting one of these for Christmas!

Fifteen-year-old son: No, Christmas this year is for ages five and up. You and Lily won't be getting anything.

Daughter, holding up two fingers: YES I WILL! I'm this many years old!

Son and I, simultaneously, while choking back laughter and holding up three fingers: Actually, you are this many years old.

Daughter: NO I'M NOT! I'm going to Christmas!

Son: You don't go to Christmas.

Daughter: YES I DO! And I go to birthdays!

At this point we just rolled our eyes and went back to chemistry, which makes about as much sense to me as conversations with some of my kids.



Blogger Doris said...

SO cute! :)

Blogger No Cool Story said...

How cute!
Now I want to go to Christmas.

I love it that she wasn't going to let anyone spoil her wish: YES I DO! and furthermore And I go to birthdays!.


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