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Food for Thought

The following is from an article at Boundless Webzine:

What Are We Celebrating? A Fresh Look at an Old Tradition

Before you loosen your belt and find a comfortable place on the couch to nap this Thursday, ask yourself:

What are we celebrating?
a) A feast day honoring the ancient god, pigus dermus.
b) The festival of the ancient god, pigus outus.
c) A feast commemorating the bravery of the Pilgrim’s who set sail for an unknown world 3,000 miles from home.

On Thanksgiving, who's the one getting thanked?
1) The Indians
2) Mother Earth
3) the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Why did the Pilgrims leave England for America?
a) They were seeking religious freedom
b) They were searching for a better environment for their out-of-control kids
c) It's a trick question. The Pilgrims actually came to America from Holland.

Okay, how'd you do? If you're like a lot of Americans, you don't know as much about Thanksgiving's origins as you thought.

It's really not your fault. The holiday has fallen into politically-correct disrepute. Walk into a Border's Books, you'll find plenty of books about Thanksgiving. But most of them offer a deeply distorted view of the holiday. For instance, readers will get the distinct impression that the Pilgrims were atheists, because all mention of God has been omitted from many a modern holiday tale.

Our family enjoys Christian Liberty Press's Stories of the Pilgrims, which is an annual holiday read-aloud. Our biggest hurdle is starting it early enough to finish before Thanksgiving.

Wishing your family a blessed Thanksgiving!



Blogger No Cool Story said...

Have a Blessed Thanskgiving MD!
Hope it's fancy and bountiful :D

Great post btw.

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