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One of the most entertaining things about a sitemeter is seeing the Google searches that lead random visitors to your blog. Here are some of mine:
  • monster pierced with arrows by charles le brun
  • severely chapped hands
  • furr's apple dumplings
  • Homeschool + Softball + Nationals
  • gary albero (this was my 9/11 victim tribute post)
  • jupiter striking down the titans discussion
  • hershey's amazing fruit gummy bears
  • amazing fruit gummy bears (yes, these were 2 separate searches within 24 hours - I'm not the only one looking for them)
  • Recipes of thick crust Hawaiian pizza
  • free you are invited to my housewarming cards
  • old home sweet home sampler clipart
  • mommie dearest set
  • wassail can frozen orange juice gallon apple cider -pineapple can frozen lemonade 12 cloves "holiday wassail"
  • " bed tray with legs "
  • the futile pursuit of happiness
  • birthday bygone years sweets hamper
  • 'home sweet home' restaurant dancing
There are some really interesting ones in there, huh? I think my most consistent source of visitors comes from a comment I left on the Large Family Logistics blog about posting a picture of their Dutch Puff recipe. I get weekly - if not daily - hits from that, which I never would have imagined.

Do you have any interesting referral stories?



A little while back, I wrote a post that included a story about my childhood, best friend. She was the friend who told me about Santa Claus and sex, all in the same conversation. Horrifying. I noticed some time later that someone had googled her name and ended up at my site. Soooo, I tracked it back and found her e-mail address through her old high school. So, we connected again. She forgave me for using her in my blog. And I forgave her for spilling the beans about Santa. And sex.

Thanks for visiting me at "It Coulda' Been Worse!" Nice to "meet" you. I'll be back!

Blogger No Cool Story said...

Those are great.
I just checked mine, nothing interestingm but this one: "example of asyndenton".
BWAHAHA! and ofcouse they are getting the worse kind of example there is .

Monster pierced with arrows?

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