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Because we all need a good laugh
I never fail to be encouraged when I read the writings or cartoons of Todd Wilson. When I read his cartoons, I laugh so hard I cry. Literally. He has a gift for making homeschooling moms feel better when you're having one of those "everyone else teaches/cooks/cleans/etc. better than I do" moments (or days, or weeks, or maybe years).

On another note: Does it make you a bad mother if you tell your daughter that V8 Tropical Splash is mostly made of carrot juice in an attempt to scare her out of drinking it all?

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Blogger Barb said...

You did NOT tell you daughter than. Shame on you! LOL

Blogger amber said...

Funny cartoon...and I've been known to say the "wrong" things to my kids as well. :)

Blogger Grafted Branch said...

ROFLOL! Funny comic; thanks for posting it.

Blogger Elle said...

Love this cartoon! Seriously laughing out loud with delight that someone else understands the "pain!"

And yes, there are very definitely Mom drinks, food, and snacks in this house.

Blogger Shane said...

Hey there! I haven't been by for a while. My blog reading has slowed considerable, but I'm getting back at it. I love your new template...although I'm not sure really how "new" it is. Anyway, I'm forwarding this post on to a home-schooling neighbor of mine. Be back soon!

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