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Full Circle
I set up a blog on homeschoolblogger.com in the fall of 2005, but I just didn't "get it"--blogging I mean. I wrote a couple of self-conscious posts, didn't go out and meet anyone, didn't get any comments.

A few months later an issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine arrived in my mailbox. It featured an article about the Homeschool Blog Awards. Blog awards? I'd never imagined such a thing! I promptly sat down with my magazine in hand and began checking out the award winners--fantastic stuff! I got it this time--blogging that is--and I set up a blogger blog after finding out some friends had just started blogs here. That article about the Homeschool Blog Award winners was what ultimately lured me into starting this blog last May. I was tickled pink yesterday when I saw I had a nomination for Best Blog Design on this year's awards.

Nominations are going on until Friday (April 6) at midnight. Go make a homeschool mommy blogger happy and submit a nomination!

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Blogger Melanie said...

Congrats! And by "design" they should give you more than one nomination- you have changed and updated your design with the seasons, keeping it fresh and interesting!
Well deserved nomination!
Good Luck!

Anonymous Randi said...

Congrats on your nomination! You have my vote when the time comes!

Blogger amber said...

Congrats girl! You deserve the nomination AND award!

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