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Happenings in the blogosphere:
Does your vacuum cleaner suck? Or more importantly does it not suck? (Carol, I'm doing this for you, and since I'm discussing vacuum cleaners, I think I can get away with it.) The gals at at 5 Minutes for Mom are having a contest to give away a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Woo hoo! Hurry over and sign-up to win. Entries are due by 1:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Also, 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a new series called "About Blogging" on the first Mondays of the month and are they looking for guest contributors. Topics will include:
  • What is Page Rank and How Do I Get It?
  • All About Carnivals and Memes
  • How To Embed Video, Music and Slideshows
  • SEO – The Basics
  • The HTML You Need to Know

Here are a couple of reminders (just click the buttons):

(Y'all please don't leave me with a lonely Mr. Linky, hint, hint!)

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Blogger Carol said...

ROTFL!!! I love it!

And I am planning on participating Monday. (That's a warning. hah!)

Blogger queen shenaynay said...

ooooh, i have a dyson. yes, i do.

trust me, you all want this thing. yes, you do.

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