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My Big Announcement!
Except for some very minor tweaks, the website that I've been working on forever is up and running!

I'm pleased to introduce you to Love-Me-Knots boutique hair accessories. One of my dearest friends, Melissa, has been making gorgeous hairbows and accessories for upscale children's boutiques for a three years. She wanted to take her business to the next level through on online store, and I wanted to learn the computer skills and programs needed to create websites. We made a perfect pair: two SAHMs with big dreams and little time or resources for making them happen.

The first week of September last year I ordered two computer books to learn the programs I needed to know, and thus began the long process of building the website. Along the way I started designing blog templates, which I really enjoy have learned so much from doing. Those of you who read my blog with any regularity will have noticed that I have been referring to the website I'm working on for eight months now. I feel like I've just given birth to my ninth child!

The website has taken so much of my time lately that I'm way behind on laundry and my bloglines, my house is a disaster, and my kids are fed up with frozen burritos. I'm looking forward to a little rest and normalcy of routine - however normal our routine may be - but what I would be really excited about is selling some bows! Visit us at Love-Me-Knots and you'll be amazed at the huge selection of top-quality hair accessories.

Thank you for sharing in my joy and my "surprise"!

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Anonymous Randi said...

The site looks great! Great work, especially for the first time out!

Dawn, could you send me your address so I can send you the aprons? I know you included it in an old email, but I must have deleted it. Sorry!

Blogger Virginia (Jenny) said...

I will definitely look into it! :) I am pregnant with my second baby girl and have three boys.

Blogger Mrs.Martin said...

You did wonderful work!

I hope you get caught up quickly and kids are usually happy, if mama has something happy to do for herself.

Cute bows, now if only I had a baby girl.

Blogger Dreama said...

I would like to know what 2 books you got to learn how to design websites? I am a SAHM, who is homeschooling a 9 year old. I have a blog and would like to learn how to spruce it up plus learn how to create sites. Mind sharing your secrets?http://dreama-coop.blogspot.com/
By the way, I love your site.

Blogger Shane said...

Congratulations! The website looks wonderful. I envy you. Wish I could commit to learning web design. I'm just too intimidated. One things for sure...the house, laundry, etc. will be right there waiting for you. For some reason it never goes away no matter how much you ignore it.

Blogger Melanie said...

Awesome! I haven't been able to get my daugher to wear a bow in a few years. She wants to be "free" unless it involves a ponytail. No bows. Those days are gone, sadly.

Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

Congratulations! I am so impressed that you just got yourself some books, figured it out, and came up with something so awesome! Great work!

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